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About Us

I've been surrounded by sport simulations for as long as I remember.  My father grew up playing APBA baseball with a cousin in the 60s.  My older brother played the same game when he was a kid.  I watched.  Learned.  Played.

Eventually I moved on to other games, always interested to try something else out.  A small-run game that I believe was only printed for two years - KSP Baseball.  APBA football and basketball.  Title Bout boxing.  My older brother had this boxed set that contained various dice-rolling games - tennis, hockey, horse racing, basketball, and I can't remember what else.

Then it was on to computer games.  One of my favorite childhood memories is my dad picking up Micro League Baseball for me in 1986.  I was hooked.

For the next several years I'd pick up the spring training releases of Bill Mazeroski's baseball preview magazine and manually type in the rosters for the upcoming season so I could use Micro League to play with that year's teams.

I tried other games.  Tony LaRussa.  Earl Weaver.  Hardball.  Front Page Sports.  None of them was perfect, yet each of them had some element that I loved.  Something that stuck with me.

Once I started working in the computer field, the idea of coming home after having stared at a screen for 9 plus hours only to go back onto another screen to play a game seemed a little insane, so I went back to my roots and returned to the old cards & dice.

I had dabbled with Dynasty League baseball in 1994 while I was at college.  Got involved with a few other computer sims.  Baseball Mogul.  Out of the Park.  Most recently I went full-time with cards & dice and picked up Strat-o-Matic.

Again, as with the computer games, each cards & dice company offers me something different that I like.  I wouldn't call any of them perfect.  And I wouldn't try to single any one of them out as best.

But through it all, I've kind of always had a little dream.  A dream about a web site I could build that would allow me to do some things that I couldn't readily do with cards & dice, computer games, or web-based games.  I wanted to build something that would try to take some of the elements that I enjoyed from all those games I've played.

The site is a work in progress.  But I try to think of it as something that's living.  Always changing.  Always growing.

I hope you enjoy the effort I've put into things.

Game on.