Deep Drive Baseball Game


Designed by Chris Witt

About ImaginarySports

Game designer Chris Witt has been fiddling with sport simulations since about 1982 when he got his 8-year old hands on his first cards and dice simulation.

And he's never stopped...

Chris ultimately turned that interest in game design into a career - sport sims fueled dabbling in computer programming so that he could work on game engines and that led to his current regular job.

His older brother and him used to spend countless hours pitching a rubber ball against a brick wall in front of their parent's home just south of Chicago.

But their act of pitching against that wall was actually their way of recreating games in their imagination.

For example, if the ball bounced into a certain area of potted plants, it was a ground ball.

Pick up the ball and successfully throw it into the strike zone outlined in chalk on the brick wall - the batter was out.

Miss the strike zone - the batter reached first safely.

They called this "Imaginary Baseball".

From that, Chris decided to use the "ImaginarySports" label on the games he designed.

The Deep Drive Baseball Game was copywritten in 2016 and it's the first product that Chris has decided to put into the market for other people to play.

While Chris still dabbles in other game engines - he estimates he's played about 20 fairly regularly at one time or another - this is one he keeps coming back to.

The goal of the game was to put out a product that wasn't just statistically accurate, but also fun to play, easy to understand, and affordable.